Everything you need to get started in buying a business is just one click away in our Business Buyer’s Guide for Kiwis.


This is a great time to buy.

We have been selling businesses for over 35 years and this is a great time to buy a business. Interest rates are at all time low- while most other investment vehicles (eg houses and shares) are at historic highs. Opportunity knocks,we currently have some exceptionally great new businesses for review. The worldwide environment is very unique. There are many expat kiwi’s returning to the safety of New Zealand and demand for good businesses is high. We are working alongside business buyers to help find suitable opportunities. Register your interest with us if you are a serious business buyer. So we took the same advice we give to our successful buyers and put it in an easy-to-read, succinct Business Buyer’s Guide so that you can start taking steps towards independence and wealth generation TODAY. Don’t put off educating yourself, every single day we have new enquirers – good opportunities go quickly. It takes time to make the right decisions, but you can start as soon as you decide that you want to do something different. There is no time like the present to buy a business and start on a journey that will bring you a new life.


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Download our free Business Buyer’s Guide which includes advice on:

  • Where to start – if you’re wanting to buy a business we have the questions you need to ask yourself first.
  • What to look for in a business – from business types to future prospects, we cover off all the important aspects of a business that you need to be aware of.
  • Pitfalls to watch for -there are plenty of hazards to watch out for on the road to purchasing a business.
  • Negotiations – buying a business is nothing like buying a house, where price is the only significant variable.