Looking for something special? Just because a business isn’t for sale, doesn’t mean you can’t buy it.

We are your Buyers Agent

Know what you want? Let us find it for you.

We are increasingly being asked to find businesses for Investors. We have great acquisition results over thirty five years of business. Clients have included Graeme Hart and Eric Watson in their early years. Months spent looking for the right business only to be pipped at the post by a better offer can be very off-putting. We are approached by private equity groups, high net worth individuals and local companies looking for specific acquisitions targets.

There are many benefits to a targeted acquisition search, including the fact that there are a significant number of business owners that would like to sell but do not want to actively put their business on the market and expose their staff and customers to a sale process. Not actively on the market, with targeted sales most of the time you are negotiating exclusively with the owners.

Everything is for sale –  for the right price.

At Company Sales and Acquisitions we are able to identify and attract business owners to the prospect of the prompt and efficient sale of their business. By appointing us you will be getting at a small cost, our full knowledge and expertise in the business sale area. We can put together sales offers that we know are competitive and well positioned to give the target business serious cause to consider selling quickly and efficiently.

What we add to the equation:

  1. Knowledge of current appraisal formulae in the market
  2. Negotiation expertise
  3. Leverage to the process in terms of time pressure
  4. Business Owners are far more receptive to talking when approached by us on behalf of an investor
  5. The use of a third party can protect the relationship between the purchaser and seller by dealing with the difficult issues and acting as a ‘buffer’ between the parties
  6. This process can obtain a business which would not otherwise have come into the market

Proven search methods, marketing and database resources

  • Research into your target industry
  • Identify potential targets
  • Communicate with target organisations
  • Review and qualify businesses based on your criteria
  • Provide a profile of qualified respondents
  • Coordinate and, where appropriate, be present during inspections and other meetings
  • Provide you with advice and recommendations
  • Full support and cooperation during negotiations, through to completion
  • Assistance with document preparation and liaison with yours and the target’s legal and accounting advisers, as appropriate
  • Maintain your confidentiality

We have buyers waiting now for opportunity

We have been appointed as a “buyers agent” to find suitable acquisitions for our clients in a number of industries. Our client is often a significant player in their market sector and can bring significant cash and expertise to the acquisition.

They are looking for businesses in industries that include:

Producing for the local market.
$500,000 to $5 million

Electrical/ Security
$250,000 to $2 million

Building Supplies
Joinery/products partial divestment
$500,000 to $2 million

Civil Construction
Infrastructure Work or Products
$1 million to $10 million

Food or Beverage
Anything with a proven local market and an export potential
$1 million to $10 million

Property Management
$2 million to $30 million

Accountancy Practices – Block Fees
Central Auckland
$500,000 to $1.5 million