The opportunity exists to purchase part of an operation that is converting an old style coastal farm into a new style coastal business growing and processing high value Manuka products.

Manuka Plantation and Processing Plant

The land comprises approximately 20 Hectares of farm land.

LAND & BUILDINGS PRICED AT $1,650,000 (plus GST if any)

The land comprises approximately 20 Hectares of farm land. The land is ideal for conversion to a High-Performance Manuka Plantation similar to those being established in the New Zealand Government initiative as seen here. Extensive, purpose built buildings, house the processing facility.

THE PROCESSING PLANT PRICED AT $1,100,000 (plus GST if any)

The business has recently installed a new processing facility for controlled steam distillation of Manuka oil, other NZ native oils and hydrosol. The plantation and processing are being managed by a qualified team of horticulturalists and engineers.

Beehives will be established on the plantation to provide pollination and to produce the highly valued Manuka Honey which will also be processed on site.

ASKING PRICE $2,750,000 (OR PART THEREOF) (plus GST if any)

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