Manufactured NZ and Australian Brands with Strong IP Proven Domestic, Export and On-line Markets.

Price by Negotiation

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Outstanding opportunity for an entrepreneur or established therapeutics/health/medicinal products business - capture the GP, ownership and control of these established and proven therapeutic branded products. The opportunity is ideal for an established distribution and/or on-line sales focused business to simply add these BRANDs to existing product lines and distribution channels PLUS hold 100% ownership and control of manufacturing formulae and IP.

Highly regarded BRANDS with proven performance over many years for the relief and treatment of Sports injuries and muscular/soft tissue pain that result from a wide range of both sporting activities and ARTHRITIS.

This is demonstrated by consumer expenditure on the brands in excess of $5million to date.

Key factors driving sales of these Brands are the increasing demand in the growing degenerative arthritis and sports injury pain market, particularly the baby boomer/over 60’s.

It’s not just the boomers – arthritic conditions afflict increasing numbers of former high-impact sports patients who wish to remain active for years to come. These brands have built up a strong treatment credibility with arthritis endorsement, plus high-performance global sports.

The rapidly growing elite-level sports market constantly searches for quick-fix results with a preference for something DRUG FREE, HEALTHY AND NATURAL, with a strong demand for a product they can actually feel working.

As natural-based products, these consumer friendly BRANDS do not come with the notorious and deleterious side-effects of pharmaceutical soft tissue pain medications, but provide a viable alternative with unique therapeutic IP characteristics and selling advantages over other topical products.

The BRANDED PRODUCT RANGE of the company is offered for sale (not the overall business) including 100% of the IP, all manufacturing formulae and regulatory compliance accreditations.

Price by Negotiation

Consider the following:

  • 100% sale of manufacturing formulae and Unique intellectual property.
  • Proven products that meet demand for natural and drug-free pain-relief remedies.
  • Established domestic and global export market demand with around $5.5million in Retail Sales.
  • Add to established distribution channels the brands’ solid margins and GP.
  • Maximize the growing global on-line opportunities.
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