We are one of the oldest business brokerages in Auckland specializing in medium to large private businesses, between $500,000 and $20 million in value.



Company Sales and Acquisitions was established in 1989, which makes us one of the oldest brokerages in the greater Auckland area. We have thrived through the booms and the busts of the last two decades, and continue to broker numerous deals without litigation. Over three decades there have been countless business brokerages start up and close down, but we have continued to flourish.


Professionalism comes from experience; from knowing how to do a job well and what is expected. All of the team have already owned their own businesses and sold them on already, so they know exactly what it is like for a buyer or seller.

Our team also knows what is expected of them throughout the business sales process. They are easy to deal with, which is why many of New Zealand’s top accountants choose CSA when their clients want to sell. The fact that so many of their clients are repeat clients is also a great testament to this.


CSA has operated perhaps for one of the longest times of any brokerage in New Zealand, and in all that time they have been free from litigation. We offer honest feedback, honest comments and, when needed, honest criticism.

There’s a trend amongst business brokers these days to do what’s called ‘buying a listing’. They tell a business owner that the business is worth far more than it actually is so that they sign up with them to do the brokering. When it comes to the sale process, however, it is impossible for them to sell at that price point and the end profit is far lower. It means a few business owners sign up elsewhere, but they often end up disappointed in the end result.

Business owners deserve a fair calculation the first time. CSA delivers honest appraisals.


Often when you are selling a business, you don’t want your staff to know until things are further down the track. We are incredibly careful about confidentiality. The marketing of a business is done anonymously and any interested buyers go through a strict confidentiality agreement first.


“You don’t stay in this industry long if you don’t operate ethically and confidentially. In the twenty six years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen many other brokerages come and go as they didn’t realize what is most important to success.”